Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My first ever blog.

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog !!!!!.  I have been thinking of putting a blog together for a few months, but have never plucked up the courage, but today I took the bull by the horns and here I am.  I hope you will like some of my cards, and keep coming by to say hello and hopefully, through my blog I can meet some new crafty friends.
I thought I would put a few pictures on today of my craft room, which John has created for me.

Thank you for stopping by.  xxxx


  1. Welcome to blog land and well done hun xx

  2. Welcome to blog land Caroline, I look forward to seeing your cards.
    Hugs Lynsey x

  3. Fabby room and welcome to blogland

    Hugs Jane x

  4. im a tad green your craft room is brilliant so tidy
    lovely hugs linda xxx

  5. wow love ur craft room i really want one for all my stuff hugs Dawn

  6. hi ya loving your craft room xxxx

  7. Thank you, but I'm afraid it don't look like that very often. I really need to go up there and get tidying it up, but, I get distracted and end up colouring!!!

  8. Welcome to blogland and congratulations on this, your first ever post.

    WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW! I LOVE your crafty space - so many drawers and storage solutions - fantastic!

    Looking at your set of tall white drawers - did you get them from IKEA, as I got a couple of sets recently and boy, they weren't cheap were they? It read on the ones made up in the store "perfect for crafting"... I thought 'oh yeah, jump on the bandwagon - and charge double just because us crafters have to have things!!!) - did you feel the same?

    You have the best storage solution and thats lots and lots of drawers and I believe that you can store more things than shelves and cupboards.

    Anyway - your OH has done you proud - a great post to kick off your blog... well done!

    Paula x x x

  9. Wow, brilliant craft room and so organised. Love your pen storage, what did your hubby use for the holes?

    Pam x

  10. ooooh I'm soooo jealous of your craft room - my idea of heaven lol

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments.
    My hubby used white plumbing tubing for the pen storage.
    Unfortunately my craft room does not always look this tidy, infact, it looks like a bomb site at the moment!!.
    Thank you again for the warm welcome you have given me to blogland.
    Take care xx

  12. Fab room. Love it :) I bet you are in there quite a bit like me. Congratulations too on your blog :)

    I have become a follower too :)

    Hop on over to mine and see my room. :)

    Hugs :)